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Acting as a barometer of RAF, RAF Reserve and family morale, telling it like it is, and representing ordinary views, knowing that the only voices that matter are those of the RAF serving person and the family members we represent.

(And by 'family' we don't just mean spouse, 2.4 children and a dog! We mean any family construct. If they are important to you, they are important to us...)

The RAF Families Federation represents the views and concerns of RAF regular and reserve personnel and their family members on the issues that affect them as part of a RAF family.  Whether you are in uniform yourself, a spouse, a partner, a parent, a grandparent, a child or a sibling of a member of the RAF, we are here to act on your behalf.

We are an independent organisation and operate entirely outside the RAF chain of command so we can always promise an independent and confidential service.

By gathering evidence we put your views and concerns in front of the people who can make a difference, such as senior RAF and MoD staffs and Ministers.  Influencing change, where it is needed, for the better.

The Federation is not a charity, it is publicly funded. It is parented by the RAF Association

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The current consultation is for serving RAF Reserves

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Latest News from the Federation

Use this section to keep up to date with the very latest news from your Families Federation. How we represent your views; how we gather information; what is on the RAF and MoD agenda and more...

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Federation Activity 2014

If you have any events or families days where you would like to have the Families Federation present, please contact us, providing as much notice as possible.


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