X Factor

What is X Factor

The X-factor was originally introduced in 1970 in response to a need to compensate Armed Forces personnel for differences experienced during their careers compared to the civilian population.

In 2000 X Factor was defined by the AFPRB as follows:

    “The X factor is an adjustment to military pay that we recommend to recognise our judgement of the relative disadvantage of conditions of
service experienced by members of the Armed Forces compared to those in the civilian sector.

     "It takes account of a range of factors, some positive and some negative, which can not be directly evaluated when assessing pay comparability. The balance of the advantage and disadvantage is averaged across the Services and the various arms within each service, and is intended to reflect service over a career. The adjustment does not, and is not intended to, reflect the particular set of circumstances that Service personnel may be faced with at any given time”.

X Factor is reviewed every five years. It was last reviewed in 2007 and will be reviewed again in 2012.

RAF FF Note: A RAF FF survey on 'Pay Allowances and Other Stuff' is being conducted in Jun 12 and will be available to complete on the website. Within this will be questions on X Factor. Responses received will form the core of a RAF FF report that will go before the AFPRBin the Autumn.

To read about the components of X Factor Click here

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