Spousal support

Looking after our spouses and partners

This section will step you through some of the opportunities that are available. A lot of the training is provided free of charge to military spouses and partners, often funded by the Armed Forces Covenant.

Also - our own RAF spouses in business

Help for spouses/partners of service personnel

There is a downloadable two-page flyer available from the Department for Work and Pensions and provides all sorts of hyperlinks to key information such as looking for work, how to claim Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit, help with benefits when you are abroad, Job Centre Armed Forces Champions and how they can help you.

Turn your business idea into reality

If you haven't yet started your business, there's a FREE course to help you as a military spouse/partner with developing your business plan and stepping you through turning your dream into a reality. Become part of a brilliant support network afterwards too. Phone the University of Wolverhampton and ask about the 'Dependants' Business Start-Up Programme' on 0190 232 1272 or email SUH@wlv.ac.uk 

Start-up loans, mentoring and support

Over 700 businesses have been backed by X-Forces who support ex-forces and their families to start up businesses across the UK with start-up loans, mentoring and support. Phone 0800 307 7545 or email the team at info@x-forces.com

The Armed Forces Covenant plays a part too

Many of you will of heard about the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) but not 100% sure as to what it actually means. An easy line to remember however, is that the Covenant overall is about getting a FAIR DEAL and if it exists, removing 'disadvantage' from those who Serve in the armed forces, or the Serving family.

So, it's not to queue jump to services; more there to ensure you don't lose your place, wherever your family is posted to, throughout the country in services such as:

  • Healthcare (examples include NHS waiting lists, IVF, dental treatment continuity)
  • Education (finding the right school)
  • Housing (provision to publicly-provided accommodation, housing schemes, adaptations etc)
  • Access to finance/credit facilites (such as a mobile phone contract, credit card, car loan, mortgage)

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